May 2014

The following is a report submitted to my school district evaluating the results of a learning team I started. The learning team was funded by Title 2 money for teacher improvement. It looks at student achievement on the New York Proficiency exam and student attrition in my 9th grade classes. For more information, you can e-mail me at livibria@d91.k12.id.us

Briana Livingston

Professional Learning Team Evaluation

Content Area: Foreign Language

Goal(s) (as specified in your proposal):

  • Meet or exceed expected state growth targets as measured by the ISAT in grades 2-10
  • State Standards implementation

Subgoal(s) (as specified in your proposal):

  • Build a language program that prepares students to pass national standardized foreign language exams, such as Advanced Placement and CLEP, using research-based teaching methods that lead to high levels of student achievement and lower levels of attrition. 

Evaluation of intervention (as specified in your proposal):

  • We will evaluate our success with two indicators:  first, we will administer the New York Proficiency exams to our students.  We will find another teacher who has not used the method to administer the exam to his/her students and compare the results.  Second, we will compare rates of attrition; high school teachers can compare the number of students dropping after first trimester and third trimester.  Junior high teachers will compare the number of students registering for Spanish 2 for next year versus the number who registered in previous years. 

Results: (Please provide data to describe the effectiveness of your intervention. Respond in narrative or 

outline format. Feel free to use more pages if necessary. If you have questions in how to present your data, feel free to contact Shelly for more information.)